Black Sea Container Market: Recovery

On September 14-16, 2011, in Odessa, Ukraine, the 5th International Black Sea Container Summit was held.
PORTS OF UKRAINE Publishing House and the Center for Information and Analytics BlackSeaTrans were the organizers of the event.
The companies HPC Ukraine, APM Terminals Poti, SOLVO and Odessa Merchant Sea Port sponsored the summit.

The summit traditionally has been regarded as the 'review of Black Sea container forces', the region, which for seven years before the crisis of 2009 showed the highest growth rate of container traffic. The global economic crisis led to a significant drop in container carriages on the Black Sea in 2009 - by 39 %. Then, the Black Sea ports of five countries - Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Romania, and Bulgaria - handled 1.45M TEUs (excl. transshipment) against 2.61M TEUs peak in the record breaking 2008. 2010 saw a gradual recovery of the market - the region's ports handled already by 27 % more than in 2009. Georgia even exceeded their performance of 2008.

Speaking of Ukraine, the country regained its leading positions in the region in terms of container handling overtaking Romania, the leader of recent years. In the last year Ukraine first tested the mode of transshipment in container handling. The only operator yet – 'Brooklyn-Kiev Port' in Odessa MSP - transshipped 1,200 TEUs last year. In 8 months of 2011 - over 5,000 TEUs. On 14 September, the participants of the summit visited the terminal of 'Brooklyn-Kiev port' where right at the berth the CEO of 'Brooklyn Kiev' Yuri Gubankov described the work and prospects for the terminal. Having started with a few thousand containers in 2008, this year the company is planning to handle more than 120,000 TEUs at the terminal.
Among the hot issues of the summit touched in 18 reports and presentations, there were 'Impact of World Tendencies on the Development of Container Carriages in Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea', 'Topical Issues of Implementation of Transshipment Regulations and Free Practice in Ukrainian Ports', 'Railway Container Carriages in Ukraine: Problems and Solutions', 'Prospects for Port Reform in Ukraine', 'Container Carriages on the Danube and Their Prospects', etc.

During the summit, several companies-operators of the Black Sea container terminals were for the first time awarded with commemorative plaques. The Awards of Recognition were presented considering the companies' performances in 2010.

Totally, the summit brought together over 130 representatives of the world largest shipping container lines, global container terminal operators, managers and representatives of seaports, stevedoring companies, manufacturers of container handling equipment, transport and forwarding companies from 14 countries (Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Germany , Estonia, Great Britain, Finland, Turkey, Lithuania, Finland, Moldova, Kazakhstan).