PORTS OF UKRAINE Publishing House
 specializes  in issuing of magazines, handbooks, bulletins and other  
editions devoted to  water transport of Ukraine and countries of the  
Black Sea basin.
Among  our periodicals there are ‘Ports of Ukraine’ and  ‘BlackSeaLines’ journals (both  editions are issued 10 times a year).
Once  in two years we publish (in Russian and in English) the  handbooks
‘Ukrainian  Ports’ (there were 4 editions, the latest one had  664
pp.), ‘Ukrainian  Shipbuilding and Shiprepair’ (two editions, the  
latest one — 208 pp.), ‘All  about Merchant Marine of Ukraine’ (one  
edition — 168 pp.).
Annually  we issue the calendar ‘Water Transport of Ukraine. Faces and Dates’.
Various  departments of our publishing house are engaged in  
organization of seminars,  conferences, marketing and consulting  
researches (by order). We also produce  different printed goods like  
leaflets, booklets, etc.