Black Sea Container Summit 2019

On September 12, 2019, in Odessa, Ukraine thirteenth in a row International Black Sea Container Summit will be held.

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The organizers – “Ports of Ukraine” Publishing House and the Information and Analytical Center “BlackSeaTrans.” The summit will be carried out within the framework of the activities program of BSEC (Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation).

The premium sponsor of the event is the company Container Terminal Odessa. General Partneu — Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA).

Traditionally the Black Sea Container Summit brings together the best experts in the field of container logistics from all countries of the Black Sea region (Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia), as well as representatives of the largest transnational companies operating in the region.

The Black Sea Summit provides opportunities for fruitful dialogue for top managers of transport companies, cargo owners, carriers, terminal operators, line agents, freight forwarders; representatives of government agencies related to different activities in the transport field.

After a two-year recession in 2014–2015, the container traffic in the Black Sea-Azov region is steadily growing again. The container throughput in the region reached almost 3 million TEU, exceeding the previous achievements of the pre-crisis years - 2008 and 2013.

What are the future prospects for the container market? How should we create more favorable conditions for regional container flows? How to increase the competitiveness of shipping companies? What are the features of competition in the terminal services market? These and other issues will be in the focus at the Black Sea Container Summit 2019.

The previous XII th International Black Sea Container Summit brought together more than 150 representatives from 9 countries.

During the Black Sea Container Summit 2019, the awarding of memorable signs to the operators of the Black Sea region’s container terminals is to be held - based on their results in 2018.

We invite you to participate in the XIIIth International Black Sea Container Summit 2019.

Special reasons to visit the summit:

The Black Sea container market, which grew at the fastest rate in the world before the crisis of 2008, up to 40% a year, is confidently recovering. Ukraine is actively developing the infrastructure of container carriages, stevedore activities in seaports. A new market is being formed. There is a place for you in this market.

Venue: Londonskaya Hotel, 11, Primorsky Boulevard, Odessa, Ukraine

Working languages of the summit: Russian, English.

You can register on the summit website or send an e-mail.


If you pay for participation before July 22, 2019, a 10% discount applies.

Organizing Committee:

Ph .: +38 (048) 737-38-35.